Crisis and Change is a platform where in-depth articles on current global crises are published. There might be an unwillingness to confront the challenges we live with, and many of which are deadly and tragic. There might be, in reaction against the tragedy, a turning away from our deep and profound problems of existence. Such acts of escape can only exacerbate the problems, and it is the will of this platform to communicate the urgency for facing our problems. To change, we must first be conscious of the crisis, understand it, and then see if it is possible to go beyond it. It is quite important to not only understand what is actually taking place, but to also face the urgency and absolute danger of our crises. To put it crudely with a metaphor, when we realize the house is on fire, we have tremendous energy and capacity to put out the fire.

This platform has a global outlook. It does not prefer any crisis over another. It sees all crises as a crisis for all. It perceives local conflict as a manifestation of global division. It maintains that for humanity to live peacefully, division among human beings must non-violently come to an end.

Here, you might find articles on topics such as nature, economy, war, pandemic, and others. As more articles are published, the topics covered might grow as well.

Currently, all articles are written by Yibo. If you are also interested in contributing, please send an email to this address.

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